Thank you for stopping by to read about me.  

As a kid I sat in the back in the class.  My teachers thought I was avoiding their academic work.  They must have over looked that at the back of the class was the location of the pencil sharpener.  After every paper assignment got passed back, I would turn it over and draw a car.  Now that I'm the teacher, drawing and building cars is the work.  :)

In 2005 I started teaching High School shop class.  As I stop to look back, to this day I am so proud of my students and the projects we built.  The kids are just amazing.  Here are some highlights. In 2009 we converted a gasoline car to run on all electric.    Following that up, we converted a diesel car to run on veggie oil.  Sustainable engineering that explores Alternative Fueled Vehicles is the focus.

In addition to teaching "shop class" in a public school, I decided to open up my services to more people and see what is possible.  In the summer of 2013, I founded "Mr.G's Creative Workshop".  I offer classes on Intro to Welding, Small Engine Repair, Bicycle Repair and Electric Vehicles.

Ron Grosinger